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Alumni - The Lynne Williams Memorial Award

Each year we seek to award our most prestigious prize, the “Lynne Williams Award”, to one of our departing students. Sadly, Mrs. Lynne Williams was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just before she was due to join us as a new teacher in our junior school. On 18th December 2008 Mrs. Williams went to be with her Saviour.  Our school remembers her by awarding this trophy to the student who has most impressed the staff by their contribution to the life and character of the school.  Often this is shown by small acts of kindness, care for other students, support to the teachers and a willing heart to serve.

The Lynne Williams aware has been made to the roll of students below:

Andrine van Woerden, 2010

Joel Porter, 2011

Tom Lloyd,  2012

Andrew Williams,  2012

Tim Summerfield, 2014

Dylan Williams, 2015

Will Baker, 2016

Gemma Dean 2017

Gemma Dean, 2017

Will Baker, 2016


I started at wics in sixth form after an unsuccessful year doing my as-levels in my local school. I saw it as somewhat of a rescue operation for my education, the school very kindly offered me a fresh start and in my mind I came to wics for what it could offer me academically, but very little more.

Coming into wics I was a Christian, but found myself having lulls in my relationship with God. I feel a struggle of mine was having no close Christian friends that I could talk to about my faith, whether that be about struggles in my life or how being a Christian should impact my life.

At WICS they take a Christian approach to not only education but life. I learned a lot about the Christian faith by observing the staff over the two years I was there and saw how their lives are impacted by Jesus Christ, whether it be their attitude to work or them reflecting the love of God to others. Another way wics helped me is that I was able to openly sing Gods praises every morning in assembly and then hear a message from the Bible. I felt this refreshed me spiritually and therefore was a very slim opportunity for lulls to set in.

As it has been a few months since I left wics now I am able to see the start of some long term benefits. I have a much more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have formed lifetime friendships that are made deeper by a mutual love for God.

I am humbled to say I don't believe I will ever be able to return what the school has done for me. I came looking for academic success, and got grades I could never have dreamed of due to the amazing teaching but more importantly I have benefitted spiritually because of the school.

Dylan Williams,  2015

 I am grateful for all that WICS has done for me. It helped me out a lot during the itme I went there. The teachers didn't give up on me when I deserved it and for that I thank you.

Tim Summerfield,  2014

Tom Lloyd,  2012

I joined WICS at the age of 7 in 2001 and graduated from sixth form in 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at WICS, forming strong friendships with both my classmates and students from other year groups. One of the main highlights was always enjoying good relationships with the teachers there. I consider many of them friends. The school has always maintained a ‘family feel’ which I found created a helpful learning environment. The staff are so clearly concerned with not only the education of the students but their holistic development as people created in the image of God. Also, the Bible teaching that remained so constant throughout my years there proved to be a solid foundation which has been so key in my relationship with God.


After finishing sixth form, I spent a brief period working before travelling to Cape Town, South Africa where I volunteered for a year at an organisation called Beautiful Gate, working with their Life Skills through Football programme and coached an under-15s team. I also interned at a church as a youth and children’s ministry worker. My passion is to see young people develop into who God designed them to be, and to discover him as the ultimate treasure in their lives. I so enjoyed having a year devoted to this end.


I am currently working part-time at a restaurant and volunteering as part of a schools team, H4K, based from Hope Church Merthyr. We create lively and interactive assemblies, performing sketches, teaching songs, and sharing the gospel in junior schools around the valley of Merthyr Tydfil. The various drama projects I was involved with throughout my time at WICS have been so beneficial in preparing me for this ministry. My hope is to eventually be supported for full time ministry by a local church, so that I can spend all of my time “equipping the saints for works of ministry” (Ephesians 4:11-13).


Andrew Williams 2012


Hello! My name is Andrew Williams, a WICS graduate, and here is a brief history of my involvement with this school.

 I moved from America to South Wales in December 2004 and began attending WICS during January 2005, mid-way through the school year. The personal circumstances I had encountered prior to moving from America were very traumatic and the supportive atmosphere which pervades the teachers and staff here was of enormous help to me as I struggled to integrate into the new culture and school system. My educational journey at WICS ended after I finished my G.C.S.E. exams in the summer of 2012; however, I am left with the distinct feeling that I am still a part of the WICS ‘family’ and without the encouragement I received from the teachers and staff I don’t feel I would have coped during those difficult first years!


After I left WICS, I spent a year at St. David’s Catholic College in Cardiff before transferring to Coleg y Cymoedd in Nantgarw, where I am currently an A-level student and have just sent off my university applications in the hope of reading Theoretical Physics at university! The church I currently attend is Tabernacle Evangelical Baptist Church in Porth, where I am involved in the Youth Work run by the church.


Although I may not have realized the effect it was having on me at the time, the Biblical focus and outlook of the staff at WICS has had a very positive effect on me, both spiritually and personally, and over the years I have come to view the staff there not only as my peers, but my spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ!

Joel Porter, 2011

Andrine van Woerden, 2010

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