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What is Easyfundraising ? 

Your internet shopping  can help raise funds for WICS ! is a website through which online retailers make charitable donations to WICS based on your purchases.  There is no cost to you  but WICS will benefit.  will donate up to 2.5% of the purchase price to WICS.   
Over  600 retailers  are signed up for this scheme.    

What do I need to do to help ?

Step 1. Register and link your online purchases to bring donations to WICS

Click here or on the banner below

Step 2. Install the Donation Reminder

When you make an online purchase, the Donation Reminder will give you a simple popup reminder that allows your to request a donation to be sent to WICS from that sale.

Install on your PC
or  laptop
Install on your tablet
or smart phone.


Thank you for supporting WICS.

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